• Understanding the Steel Market in Republic of Poland

    The steel sector in Republic of Poland contains around twenty six steel plants, presently produces around eight million tonnes of steel once a year and employs over twenty five,000 people. The article that follows reviews a number of the characteristics of the Polish industry, and is written for strategic coming up with departments World Health Organization is also considering entry into this steel sector.
    The Main players
    After abundant modification within the last five – ten years with relation to mill closure, plant spin-offs and business restructuring, the industry in Republic of Poland nowadays consists of twenty six plants. These embody (by crude steel capacity) the 2 massive multi-million weight unit plants near Krakow, atiny low mid-tier as well as the long product facilities Celsa Ostrowiec and CMC Zawiercie, and a littleer cluster of twenty-two comparatively small producers. Eleven facilities area unit travel by 5 multi-national corporations. These embody Arcelor Mittal and different Ukrainian, Spanish, and US corporations with the govt. of Republic of Poland currently solely having atiny low possession role. among this structure, abundant output of flat steel merchandise remains underneath monopoly management or in some cases oligopolistic. Long product provide but is comparatively competitive. Tube production is moderately competitive. Some pre-World War One, 1930s, Forties and Fifties production assets contribute to the present production facilities, however vital investment in new hot rolling plant [particularly hot rolled steel bar] was recently completed.
    Some business Characteristics
    Whilst AN appraisal of emissions like mud and greenhouse gases indicates that progress has been created in environmental performance and in waste management, variety of matters about previous environmental burdens (to do particularly with ground pollution by former State-owned plants) still stay a retardant. attributable to legislative shortcomings additionally as land possession problems, responsibility for previous environmental burdens isn’t entirely clear and up to date progress with land clean-up looks to possess slowed.
    Overall business employment at ~24,475 (end-2010) for crude steel output of eight million tonnes implies that productivity is low by Western standards. With production dominated by 3 adjacent counties [or voivodships], steel creating is very regionalized but and far dominated by producers within the south of Republic of Poland.
    Steel Demand
    Polish demand for finished steel merchandise presently amounts to ~9.8 million tonnes / year. This corresponds to ~256 weight unit / capita, that is on the low aspect compared to different components of Western Europe. while the geographic unfold of steel demand isn’t quite as focused as production, 2 southern counties still account for around four-hundredth of consumption.
    Challenges Ahead
    There has been vital modernization of the steel sector in Republic of Poland in recent years. Moreover, growth within the Polish steel market may also be expected within the predictable future. However, imports still dominate exports each in volume and in price. Flat product demand conjointly remains extremely import penetrated (flat product imports ~58% of flat product demand). vital management challenges about product quality improvement and enlargement of upper price steel provide so still stay.


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