• Pecorino Sardo DOP – House Fadda – Sardinia 

    The food most common in Sardinia, in the area of ​​cheese, is definitely the Sardinian Pecorino d.o.p. (Protected Designation of Origin).

    This extraordinary cheese is produced by Casa Fadda in two types: sweet and ripe.

    The cheese is produced in all the provinces of the Sardinian territory, this cheese is the product of sheep in Italy.
    In the category of Pecorini table is absolutely one of the best cheeses in the world market.

    pecorinoSThis is not a cheese grater but it is a cheese that should satisfy us in satisfying taste of flavors and aromas of good intensity.

    When we go to taste the pecorino D.O.P sweet Fadda we enjoy an excellent young cheese, a cheese that has a chewiness so much delicious, pleasant, directly in the mouth.

    These cheeses produced in Sardinia have a buttery unique in the sense that never leave the feeling of bitter in the mouth but rather dissolve completely.

    House Fadda produces cheeses carefully measured salt, cheese in your mouth so that they have a good flavor and a wealth of remarkable taste, a flavor long always with a good and copious salivation synonymous with great wealth of minerals.

    But when we taste the pecorino d.o.p. mature we are to enjoy another field of pleasure.
    These products are from Casa Fadda cheese much more intense for their organoleptic characteristics.

    A cheese much more intense in aroma, a cheese much more intense in taste analysis.

    The ‘visual appearance is always a light yellow color very intense, the’ appearance of granite pasta is almost totally free of holes that makes it recognize a good seasoning.

    Fadda Pecorino cheese is definitely unique with regard to flavor and in any case when it comes to Sardinia a strong identity has donated much of what the ‘island offers because of the climate.

    The wind, the sun and the pastures give the milk a very unique taste that once transformed become a cheese full of great emotions.

    So, if during your holidays in Sardinia, visiting the province of Sassari, spend two hours of your time to make a visit to the company Production of cheese Fadda.

    Here, as well as numerous local products, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with manufacturers who will explain the method of making cheese as well as to entertain you with samples of these magnificent products that only passion and toil can lead to such a high quaity.

    So if u go to vacation in north sardinia taste Super Pecorino Sardo.


    Argomenti Simili

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