• Ottenere grandi ritorni facendo business in Polonia

    The massive changes which have taken place in the administration and economic structure of Poland have opened up fantastic opportunities for businesses to exploit.

    And with the increased volume in trade which has resulted has come greater demand for the services offered by well-resourced and highly-focused international couriers.

    Once a country whose industries and businesses were tightly regulated by the state, Poland is now a hotbed of private enterprise, as existing companies attract investment from outside in order to update their facilities, and produce goods for large overseas markets, as opposed to just their own, as they were forced to do under the former Communist regime.

    The large-scale investment in these businesses has seen the country experience the fastest rate of economic growth of the Western world, as a market of about 38million domestic consumers has become one many times that size.

    It is a potential for growth which has certainly not been overlooked by Western businesses. In search of opportunities to lower their cost bases, they have turned to Poland, where they have found a skilled and highly productive workforce, which has quickly taken up the challenges presented to it in adopting more sophisticated and technologically advanced techniques in order to become much more efficient.

    Alongside the improvements to the country’s physical infrastructure, massive changes have also taken place in its economic frameworks, bringing business practices more into line with those found in the rest of Europe.
    Barriers to trade between Poland the rest of the continent have been steadily taken down, and this will culminate in 2012 with the country’s accession to European Union membership, along with full adoption of the euro as the national currency.

    Savvy businesses have been paving the way for this transition for some time, building up their trading links with Poland, and taking essential steps such as putting in place a reliable network for ensuring reliable delivery of their goods to the country.

    In that respect, there has been great help from the biggest worldwide couriers. These too have seen the potential which Poland offers, and have moved into the country on a large scale, setting up new depots and handling facilities to enable them to meet the challenges to come.

    So if a business is keen to reach out to some of Europe’s newest citizens, it can count on having great support, in the shape of the resources and know-how of the leading lights in international freight handling and delivery.


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