• Food trade innovation launches Italian export

    In food trade the “made in Italy” has always been a high quality guarantee. Recently Italian food tradition has been joined with technology: the mechanical trade for the producing and confectionery of food , once talking regarding food distribution on a worldwide scale , is providing new operating instruments for the Italian corporations that exports in alternative Countries, because of the constant analysis.
    The confirmation of the elemental role of the mechanical trade within the food field arrived conjointly on the occasion of the 27th edition of Cibus detective, Technologies & Solutions for the food trade, the international exposition of the mechanical-food field that came about in Parma from the eighteenth to twenty first of Oct 2011.
    The novelties of Cibus detective 2011 issues all the fields of food trade, from the process techniques of raw materials like meat and milk to the food process trade, from the packaging to the machineries for mills and alimentary paste factories, from machinery for the producing of occasional to cutters.
    From the inaugural meeting has been brought out the actual fact that forty third of Italian corporations renew their machineries and ar very inquisitive about the novelties that the mechanical trade produces for the food sector; this interest made a rise of eighteen of exports for these corporations, share that is thrice larger than the share registered by corporations that did not renew. Roberto Monducci, director of the department for National Counts and economic statistics of Istat explained however € Innovation in food trade is realised primarily in day by day and cooperating with university or collaborating with machinery and plants suppliers..
    Federalimentare, diagrammatical by Annalisa Sassi- President of the young entrepreneurs of the association- confirmed the information given by Istat, light that Italian folks don’ t appear to remember of the worth that lays behind the innovations introduced by these corporations that target the event of packaging machineries, distribution machineries etc. The businessperson affirms that customers appreciate the standard innovations introduced within the food field by the new concepts, however do not perceive whole the technological efforts that lie at the lowest of those innovations; as AN example she reports the introduction of plastic cases for the preservation of sliced ham, that within the last years caused a true revolution within the preservation and within the time period of this type of merchandise, however on the opposite hand determined conjointly a substantial investment for food corporations.
    At the exposition has been bestowed, among the opposite, a machinery that’s very helpful for the producing of the flour, because it is ready, because of a brushing of the external a part of the grain of wheat (cariosside) that enables a highest security for what issues chemical and biological contaminations. The material obtained is AN €extra white flour€ very appreciated within the Northern Countries wherever it’s used most of all for the assembly of dish and frozen alimentary paste.
    A strong facilitate for the businesses that wish to pace with the sphere innovating processes arrives significantly from Cariparma Cr©dit Agricole Bank that on the far side classic strategies for the allocation of credits, incorporates a dedicate structure that is to try and do for instance, the doorway of the bank within the company capital as minority partner, creating It attainable for the corporate, to possess a 360°consulting service, able to follow the growing processes of the corporate.


    Argomenti Simili

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