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    Or the way from the bread production to the care about the environment and its preservation

    “Imperial” was established in 1921. Main activities of the company are hosting, milling and bread production. After 1944 the company was nationalized but 50 years later – in 1994 it was restored by the grandson of the founder – eng. Nurses Laz under the name “Imperial 21” Ltd.

    Initially the company deals with production and trade of sunflower seeds, used for bird food.

    In 2006 starts the production and trade of sunflower kernels bakery used in bread production and bakery field.

    In the year of 2012 “Imperial 21” has been awarded by the Business Leaders Club with the 40th Golden International Trophy for Quality (New Millennium Award) as a recognition for its excellent business skills and competence.

    The company will continue to develop and expand its present activity related to the processing and packaging of different types of sunflower.

    Or the way from the bread production to the care about the environment and its preservation

    In 2014 with the idea to expand its activities “Imperial 21” Ltd. bought in South Industrial zone, Silistra an industrial area of 17000 sq. m. including covered area of 3200 sq. m. The purpose of the company for 2015 is to organize a modern chemical production of degreasing and cleaning detergent EK-60 and other chemical biodegradable and ecological products.

    In 1990 eng. Nurses Laz patented a work for organic cleaning of metal surfaces from scalings and rust. In 1996 the patent was published and registered in the International patent office.

    In 2000 the team of eng. Laz developed and implanted biologically convergent with the human body buggels orthodontic steel for prosthetic.

    In 2006 the team started working on the development of biodegradable and completely ecological and harmless product EK-60 for degreasing and cleaning different surfaces. In 2014 the product applied for a patent.

    In 1980 eng. Laz graduates from the University of Chemistry Technologies and Metallurgy, Sofia – field Metallurgy of ferrous metals. In 1986 graduates from University for National and World Economy, Sofia field Economic assessment of the damages of human activities and ecology.

    Eng. Laz has implemented into practice the following technical innovations (1984-1991)

    replacing carbide roll armatures with construction steel processed for wear-resistance by boronation (Stomana Pernik)

    development of own construction of nozzles for cold drawing (Stomana Pernik)

    development of method for electronic defining of the efforts of flatting of separate profiles (Metalurgproekt)


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    Argomenti Simili

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